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Mercedes-Benz New Pick up

You've already heard that Jeep is releasing a pick up truck in 2018. Now, Mercedes-Benz wants in on the action. In fact, the pick up truck segment is so hot it accounted for nearly a quarter of all new car sales last year! Seems these days everyone wants a pick up truck and auto manufacturers are taking note.

Mercedes is the latest car maker to throw their hat in the ring with the anticipated X-Class.


It's set to be a mid sized truck with seating for 5. Perhaps taking aim at GMC or Cadillac. According to, however, there are serious questions as to whether or not the buying public will want a pick up truck from anyone else besides the established leaders of Ford, GMC, or Chevy. This point comes well taken as ventures into the pick up realm from Cadillac and Lincoln all but flopped. The established leaders have done an amazing job at creating not only desirable trucks but also reliable ones. I've gotta say, a buddy of mine has the Chevy Silverado LTZ and it's amazingly comfortable and luxurious and it delivers real towing capacity. The Mercedes will have to compete with that sentiment while breaking through it's reputation for upper crust luxury instead of tough gritty utility. At the very least I'm intrigued to see what the production truck will look like. We likely won't see it on the road until 2019

X-Class concept
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