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Vintage Friday: The Porsche 356

photo: Porsche

Today's vintage spotlight is on the Porsche 356. It's a light weight car that was introduced in 1948 as the first car to bare the Porsche nameplate. This rear wheel drive, air cooled rear engine, (like Volkswagen) boasted just 1100 cc's! It's top speed was a whopping 83 mph! But that's not why we love this car. For its time it was a breakthrough. Porsche was new on the scene (thus borrowing parts from VW) and was looking to compete with Alfa Romeo and BMW. This roadster couldn't be tested until after WW 2. In later events it was raced and won its class. Soon after it became a desirable roadster in US and Europe. Read more on Porsche's

web site to see more cool photos and history. Happy motoring!

credit: Porsche
1965 365 C Porsche. Courtesy: Gary Resnick

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