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The Fiat "Mini-Jeep"

I've written about the American Jeep, the German VW Thing,

and now there's an Italian "Mini-Jeep" or a Fiat Ferves Ranger to be exact. They were made from 1966-1971. They're so ugly they're cute. Yep, I said cute. You know like a bull dog face kinda cute. But don't let it's charm fool you. It's off-road capability was real! It boasted a mixture of parts from the Fiat 500F and the 600. The mighty engine roared with a 2 cylinder 499 cc's! That's about 22 hp for those


keeping score. The body was a custom tub built for utility and off-road purposes. Its differential was geared very low to enable slow crawls over rough terrain. Even better is the fact that the name Ferves was an acronym for it's combination of Fiat and another Italian auto maker you may know-Ferrari! It stood for "Ferrari Veicoli Speciali" or Ferrari


Special Vehicles. They made a total of 600 of these four wheel drive golf carts making them an extremely rare find for car collectors. Only about 10 of them are said to exist in the US alone. (Sorry, I don't have one).