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What are you driving?

This month will be filled with car craziness as the NY International Auto Show comes to town with exclusive debuts just for us! (Well, the NY,NJ,CT area at least). Suburu has a new model called the Crosstrex, Mustang has a basic refresh due out and there's also rumor of MG making a comeback to rival Mazda's Miata! And that's only the tip of the iceburg! We'll be all over it and will also be on the look out for your particular tastes when it comes to auto insanity. You can help, though! Chime in and let us know what it is you crave! comment below! Guide us in what I'd equate to being a kid in a candy store. Also don't forget about Vintage Friday. I'll be writing about a long time former Jeep rival, the Ford Bronco! It's gonna be off the charts!