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The Unhinged Hatch: 2017 Ford Focus RS


I first noticed the Ford Focus RS while watching one of my favorite car shows on demand. Initially, I ignored it. I saw it as a mere "sporty" edition with a hatch back and a boring gas sipping 4 cylinder engine.

Boy, was I wrong!

After watching this car on the track, I was blown away. The car is propelled by a 350 hp eco-boost I-4 engine. This 2.3 liter turbo charged engine pushes out 350 lb ft of torque encouraging a top speed of 165 mph! The 6 speed manual transmission is built to shift you into "rally sport" with a special driver selected mode. This mode, appropriately named "track" or "drift" among other options allows you to have optimal drive control by adjusting the car's suspension! It's all-wheel drive is "smart", not only changing from front wheels to back but also left to right. With a packed set of authentic rally sport features you can really enjoy taking this race horse to the track- or just out to get groceries. What makes this car so desirable is its flexibility in being both a daily driver and a weekend warrior at the race track. And, it's MSRP is about $36,000 which is competitively priced for its class.

Interior: 2017 Ford Focus RS

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