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Ford Bronco is Back!

Courtesy: Gear Patrol.  Ford Troller T4

Many of us remember the Ford Bronco whether it was cruising on the beach with its top off, or, as we were reminded recently, by O.J. Simpson's infamous slow speed chase.

Well, now, confirmation has come of a new forthcoming Bronco. An unnamed engineer at the blue oval has leaked a few juicy details that keep our hunger for this SUV brewing like morning coffee.

Let's get to the details- According to reports from Gear Patrol the Bronco is set for arrival in 2020 with an expected price tag in the $30 K range. It'll boast a 2.7L Ecoboost V-6 with an optional hybrid version all based on the Fusion. While the Jeep Wrangler Limited is its primary inspiration, designers are fearful that it looks too much like it and have entered a third design phase. That said, it has been decided, in contrast to the Wrangler, the Bronco will NOT have fierce off-road capability. Instead it will be able to do some "light" off-roading like wading in water. Rock crawling will be off its to do list. It WILL also have a removable top in 3 sections so that'll add to its appeal but only in the front, sorry back seat drivers! All in all, it's exciting to see another icon come back to life in the near future. I just hope it can live up to its legacy and not domesticate a wild horse.

Source: 2020 Bronco will be similar to Brazil's Ford Troller T4

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