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Equus Bass 770

Courtesy: Equus Automotive

For those of us who already have all the toys like

Batman does, there still may be one left to obtain. This is the Equus Bass 770. Never heard of it? You'll wish you had. (Watch a cool video of it here.)

Think (or better yet, dream with me) about your favorite attributes of the American muscle cars of the 1960's & 70's. They were fast, loud, and had styling that would turn heads. Now, think of some of the best features of modern day cars. Things such as: advanced safety features, wi-fi, bluetooth, 4-wheel disc brakes, touch screen navigation, etc. Finally, combine all of those features into one custom car and what do you get? The Equus Bass 770!

In a dream world (for most of us), where money is no object and you're already bored with your Ferrari AND Lambo, Equus is your new fuel for driving passion!

It's called a luxury-muscle car, but by no means is this your grandfather’s Caddy. Just to place your order you must have a minimum of $535 K- in your back account! For that price you will get a nicely equipped Bass 770. But, add several more available options like chrome tipped tailpipes, etc. and the price increases significantly.

What sticks out about this car though, is at first glance it looks like a 1968 fastback Ford Mustang. But, another look from a different angle and it resembles a Camaro. With still another POV it mimics the Dodge Challenger! It was purposely designed to look like all of these muscle greats and evoke that Herculian type roar of muscle car engines.

So go ahead-place your order when you need a new naturally "inspired” thrill ride. You won't be disappointed!

Courtesy: Equus Automotive