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Don't Forget Your "Porsche Passport"

Don't forget your passport! Your Porsche passport that is! Yep, you heard right, Porsche, the iconic & inspiring German performance brand is now going to be more accessible to the "common" driver. There is a new pilot program in Atlanta, GA that will allow you to drive up to 22 different Porsches each month! (Dreams can come true!)

Here's how it works: Akin to a subscription service for super-cars there are 2 levels of "super" you can slip into. The first, called Launch is $2000/month and allows unlimited access to 8 different Porsche models like the Caymen S or Boxster. The second, Accelerate, for an additional $1000 allows you access to 22 models including the Panamera 4S and the 911 Carrera S.


Both of these programs come with full service detailing, maintenance and unlimited mileage! Free delivery to your choice location with unlimited swap outs too ! That's what makes this type of program so amazing! You can drive a different car of your dreams every day if you wanted to and not be responsible for the ownership costs. Also included in the above pricing is tax,title, and insurance for up to $1 million dollars! What more could you ask for? The only down side is this program is not widely available- yet. Porsche plans to expand this to other markets however, if all goes well in the next 5 years. Stay tuned!