GM's "Cruise AV"

GM proudly announced that its autonomous car, the Cruise AV, based heavily on the Bolt electric subcompact car, could be on the road as early as 2019! I know what you're thinking; how's this possible? Well, it has a few major regulatory hurdles to clear first. The Feds, for instance, need to clear the way first, allowing fully autonomous vehicles to be on US roads to begin with. Next, state and local municipalities need to relax current laws making it mandatory to "drive" with your hands on the wheel!

Once GM clears these detours autonomous vehicles can shift into high gear and drive the next revolution in vehicle history-that's not only driver-less but owner-less.

Autonomous cars are not for the individual but for the car pool! Yep, ride sharing has become all the rage with companies like Uber and Lyft. Now, GM, (and, many other big car names including Ford) is preparing to offer its own car sharing service with cars like the Cruise AV. In GM's case it's called Maven, which is basically their version of Lyft or Uber.

That being said, the auto industry is paving the way for the fast approaching future of when car ownership will be no more and the public gets around in an electric self navigating car - sort of the Uberfication of car ownership. Most millennials for example, are not even getting their licences or learning how to drive to begin with! Take that for a test drive!