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NY Auto Show Update

The 2018 NYIAS (NY Auto Show) is off to an amazing start!

As you may have been following on our Facebook Live feeds of many of the press conferences, one in particular stands out- VW! In an unexpected and exciting splash of auto news, they revealed a "concept" pick-up truck! We were all prepared for yet another new small SUV premiere when they suddenly added to the the Atlas SUV family with a bang! While this pick-up is offically a concept, the auto press couldn't help but fall over each other to get a closer look. It's a quad-cab 5 seater. It looks solid, well built and ready for some 4x4 competition. We realized it's offelly well put together and layed out to be just a mere idea. Take a look at this pic and decide for yourself! (don't mind the drooling journalists)

Toyota also made a scene with their new Corolla Hatchback! It features many new standard safety features like a bike rider sensor and much more. Stay right here for more details as they become available. Enjoy this snap shot-in the mean time! Many more pics to come in our photo gallery!

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