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"A" Model of My Dreams...

One of the joys of writing a car blog-beyond the fun of cars themselves are the fans you build up along the way. Now, while I'm not taking over the blogosphere with; I am peaking someone's interest out there on the interwebs!

A friend and (now) former co-worker sent me pictures of his fully restored Model A Ford that he would talk about from time to time. I was so inspired by these pics I couldn't help but share them with you! Enjoy! Oh, and here are the specs for all our gear heads out there. All this for a mere $395 sale price!

  • 1930 Model A Ford

  • Tudor sedan

  • 4 cylinder flat head L head engine

  • 80 Horse Power

  • 3 speed manual transmission

  • $395.00 New In 1930

  • All rebuilt drive train

  • Runs on unleaded gas with new stainless steel valve seats

  • 3450 Miles on rebuilt systems

  • Gas tank holds 10 gallons

  • Electric and manual crank start

  • Top speed 75 MPH