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Toyota's "Guardian of the Galaxy"

Friday was the last day of CES in Las Vegas where it's now considered one of the biggest car shows. If you want all the latest developments and highlights, I'm not about that. In fact there are a plethora of places to go to watch, read and enjoy all the CES you can eat. What I am in the business of is bringing you, the "CAR CRAZY-ite", what matters and sticks out the most.

Drum roll pleeeze!

It's Driver-less stupid! That means advanced tech is driving you around like the Jestson's glided through the air, right? Well, no, not really-yet. Confused? I understand and that's why we're here for you! cuts through all the hype and circumstance of a glittery Vegas show-even if its roots are techie.

Autonomous cars are being pushed our way like candy during Halloween! Uber was one of the first. Then Google showed up. And practically every auto maker who wanted to stay in business had an r & d team that would put the human into the passenger seat. Predictions have been so aggressive as to say that in the next 5 years we'd all be connected to 5G WiFi watching Netflix with our friends! Stories were written that Millennial's are not getting their drivers licenses in record numbers, ride sharing is growing at a break neck pace, etc,etc. Well, the brakes have been applied and the ride will soon come to a stop- or slow down at least. But don't get off!

Toyota is of particular note because they introduced a new Lexus test car dubbed "TRI-P4". (Based on the Lexus LS 500h) What makes this so special is that it blends the human and AI experience to make a driver enhanced experience. Instead of being a passive passenger Toyota is betting the farm on what they call "Guardian" that assists the driver in avoiding potential danger. By using cameras and sensors both in and outside the car it will apply the breaks for you if an object gets in your way. It will also help wake you up and take over driving the car if you're dozing off. Toyota calls this Guardian and its so sure it'll be the answer its sharing this with other auto makers! Say what? What happened to the cut throat tech race? They feel that every car on the road should have Guardian in their vehicle. While they admit this is still under development and has several years to go before it's exactly what they want it to be, The

with Guardian will be available as soon as 2020!

Lexus LS 500h
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