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My Encounter with a Mustang

Sometimes you need a break. A break from the monotonous of daily driving and your daily driver. You know, old reliable, comfortable, fuel efficient sensory numbing 4 cylinder. It's the stuff of a good advice column. Buy a sensible, (boring), gas sipping sedan that is both safe and practical. You need transportation after all, not an amusement ride.

But that's where I beg to differ! Life's too short to be stuck in an automobile based sensory coma. And when life hits you like swelling sea waves in a storm. You need to unwind, let loose and take your top down.

So for my birthday this year I decided to do just what the doctor ordered. Therapy of sorts. I like to call it "open air therapy". To drive with the top down, wind in your hair, open sky in your face!

There really is no feeling like it!

This year I rented a 2019 Ford Mustang convertible (with unlimited miles of coarse!)

The day was perfect-sunny with puffy marshmallow clouds. Temp in the mid 70's, light wind.

The excitement was palpable. Like the feeling on the last day of school and Christmas eve all wrapped in one! I had booked the car about 2 weeks prior and wasn't sure what kind of convertible I'd get. Would it be a base model drop top or a fully loaded bells & whistles model?Well, to my surprise and delight, this is what was waiting for me in the front row!

A red 2019 Ford Mustang with white stripes down the side. And while it was a 4 cylinder, Ford's 2.3.L Eco-boost turbo, it was still able to hall-ass producing 310 hp! In fact, it was so impressive I was convinced that I was driving a 6 cylinder! To punctuate it's wild horse power under the hood this model came with paddle shifters on the steering wheel despite being


a 10 speed auto transmission. It even had selectable drive modes to make you love it even more! Sport mode tightens the steering and shifts the trans faster.

Red and black leather seats adorned the interior in an inviting sporty and surprisingly quiet cockpit. (Although the back seat was more a storage compartment than an actual seat for any human) as leg room was negligible. But that didn't stop the fun (it was just really uncomfortable when I gave my kids a ride.)

The power top was a breeze to lower one handed with a large center unlock handle and a power button making topless driving amazingly easy (handy if you run into bad weather). Visibility was good even with the top up helped out by a rear glass window. The Mustang drove really well and sounded quieter than its 5.0 sibling but still loud enough to inspire my speed demon. Inside cabin noise was dampened and pleasant even with the top down. So much so that my wife was able to have a phone conversation while I was driving highway speed!

This newer design (introduced in 2018) has some controversy as to whether or not its authentic and true to its roots. While I understand that being a Jeep nut, Ford managed to keep the sole of the Mustang intact even while giving it a face lift. I was so impressed by this car, I actually began looking into buying it from Avis once they get next year's model! (Spoiler alert-It probably won't happen.)

The hardest thing was giving it back at the end of the day. She looked so good in my driveway and seemed so at home with her on the road! Cheers for now Mustang!

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